Technical Audit Ltd

Professionally analysing and optimising engineering design, performance , asset procurement, commissioning and management.

Our Priorities

Following discussions with many clients, EDC Holdings Group has engaged with a group of metallurgical, mechanical, structural, civil, and industrial engineers worldwide and established Technical Audit Ltd. With all our engineers active in either industry or academia, our priorities include:

  • Ensuring Technical Operations Are being performed as per requirement
  • Maintaining a sound Framework of Control to sufficiently mitigate potential risk
  • Solving Technical, Operating, and Design Problems
  • Achieving Process Optimisation within Primary Metallurgical, Manufacturing and Natural Resources Industries

Why It’s Important

Processes are left to their own devices unless something goes wrong. Technology innovation is rarely adopted despite it probably contributing to operational savings. Capital spending decisions are rarely tested against the available options and fit for purpose machinery rapidly becomes outdated by pressures of customers demanding change to product specification.

Mostly in-house engineering tends to concentrate on preventative maintenance issues and strategic spares criteria. Little time is spent in extensive supplier review beyond a few chosen companies with historical links to the organisation. With most of the attention going towards the financial and legal structures, it is the integrity of the assets and their performance which is crucial to success, continuity, and competitiveness.

What We Do

  • Engineering best practice
  • Process optimisation
  • “Fit for Purpose” Capital Procurement
  • Risk mitigation
  • Project impact
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Technical Due Diligence, in support of:
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Joint ventures
    • Investment decision analysis
    • Asset valuations

Expert Engineers

In-house specialists are rare, even in large corporations, and virtually non-existent in small and medium-sized businesses. We seek to redress this deficiency by having expert engineers working alongside clients’ own staff in supporting the company’s aims and objectives of creating better value, better recoveries, better efficiencies of operation and quality of output.

Benefits of Technical Audit Services

  • Improved internal control systems to mitigate potential risk
  • Improved quality of service
  • Transparent and cost-effective procurement of goods and services
  • Reduced annual operating costs