European Development Corporation Ltd

Initially mandated to stabilise heavy industries in "Eastern Europe" following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, is now privately owned and is a multi-disciplined organisation serving governments and state owned enterprises worldwide. We are proud of our reputation for restructuring and securing "foreign direct investment" into areas of growth potential and national importance.

Our aim is to improve operations by increasing the utilisation of existing resources and maximising the opportunities presented by ever changing global markets thereby enhancing stakeholder returns.
Some companies operating internationally can get it spectacularly right while the majority get it spectacularly wrong. State owned facilities are particularly deficient in making the most of global opportunities, despite having the power of government behind them. 

Those which succeed have managed to change their attitude to one of partnering, adapted their business practice to one which is sympathetic to the region in which they operate and adopted the culture of the country where they are seeking legitimacy. They have realised that as a foreign corporate they can no longer bulldoze their way into markets with money and that the promise of investment can no longer sustain their ambition if they are unwilling to change, adapt and adopt.
Working together we emulate the successes existing in global businesses and are neither too afraid nor too parochial in embracing other methods, paradigms and roads to success. We help clients to tap into the global network of almost unlimited experience to be able to respond quickly to rapidly changing situations both politically and socio economically.