Energy Mining Advisory Partnership (EMAP)

Creating Value through Sustainable Growth

Established in 2013, specifically to work with stakeholders of distressed assets in the natural resources sector to re-strategise and restructure driven from a risk vantage as opposed to slavishly following revenue and growth programmes.

We aim to unlock stakeholder value and to create a different perspective to allow for innovative solutions.
Stakeholders are taking losses because the industry is not being held accountable for the plans it produces and the outcomes it delivers, regarding discipline as a chore rather than "order" which allows companies the freedom to grow.

EMAP is all about providing:

  • The right skills
  • The right people 
  • The right mindset 
  • At the right time.

We evaluate performance and alter perspectives

In summary we promote Leadership rather than blindly following the rules. We reject chasing the commodity curve through far reaching understanding of commodity cycles and predictive Elliot wave theory, resulting in a flexible approach to capital asset optimisation creating economic returns independent of the global economic situation.