EDC Holdings Group – Strategic Management

EDC Holdings Ltd goes beyond the current orthodoxy in a number of ways:

  • Adopting a "whole asset lifecycle" perspective on all aspects of change management
  • Demonstrating how all aspects of uncertainty, opportunity and change management can be integrated
  • Completely integrating quantitative and qualitative uncertainty processes which clarify both opportunity and risk, recognising the subjective issues involved.
  • Achieving operational optimisation.

No matter how good an organisation is, things go wrong. We assist in identifying those risks and problems which are negatively impacting the organisation including: operational, management, financial, geopolitical, government regulatory changes and environmental/sustainability issues. We support our clients in contingency planning, scenario and sensitivity analysis, horizon scanning and risk/vulnerability assessments.

Refocusing and Reorganisation

  • Re-Alignment of Markets
  • Re-Alignment of Products
  • Technology Transfer
  • Organisational Change


  • Establishing a Local Presence
  • Balancing Local and Corporate Needs
  • Optimising Structure
  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation
  • JV’s, Alliances, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Public Listings

  • Policy Formulation
  • Policy Implementation
  • Restructuring
  • Flotation
  • Finance